How To Keep Your Aadhaar Card Biometric Details Safe From Fraudsters? Guide by

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  UIDAI allows you to temporarily lock and unlock your biometric information, to prevent any kind of misuse. Biometric information consists of iris, fingerprints and the facial photograph. Iri...

5 Interview Blunders You Must Definitely Avoid

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    It's the season of layoffs and you are definitely worried. Your close friend has just lost his job and you are worried. Perhaps you're next. Finally...Some luck. A very...

Benefits Of Using UPI

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Unified payments interface popularly called UPI, has been launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Using UPI you can pay different merchants, directly from your bank account, wit...

Tips For Using Mobile Wallets

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You have just entered a new age. This is the digital age. Your weapon of choice…The mobile wallet. You can use your mobile wallet to send and receive payments. After Demonetization, the mob...

Things To Know About Taxes

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There are several ways to save tax legally in India. Systematic tax planning during the year, can help you save tax. Before you start tax planning, you should know some basic points about saving you...

Learn Good Financial Habits And Junk The Bad Ones

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Habits, whether good or bad, stay with you for life. This makes it very important for you, to develop good habits…especially financial ones. You also need to avoid learning bad habits&helli...

Prepare For Uncertainties Which Can Affect Your Financial Life

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Life is unpredictable. Some financial emergency can strike you, which can land you in a lot of trouble. You work hard for a better life and better future but, some things are beyond your control. ...

Should You Pay Back Debt Or Invest?

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Debt and investments are two important elements of personal finance, which help you meet your financial goals. Debt allows you to increase your financial capacity by borrowing, so that you can mee...

Your 12-digit Aadhaar number will soon replace card transactions

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Government is in talks with mobile phone manufacturers, to make sure mobiles manufactured in India, have inbuilt iris and thumb identification, to enable Aadhaar based transactions. With the sc...

Disclosed Income And Bought Gold? Your Gold Is Safe

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Our citizens love gold. Yes…Indian households have more than 20,000 tonnes of gold, lying at home. Weddings, festivals…you see Indian women coming out of their houses, decked in gold...

Bad Habits Which Are Destroying Your Finances

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You love eating. You tend to overeat whenever you visit your favorite fast food joint. This is a bad habit which you just cannot overcome. Overeating leads to indigestion, an upset stomach and lat...

You can buy fuel and air tickets with old 500 rupee notes only till tomorrow

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From tomorrow, December 2nd 2016, you can no longer use old 500 rupee notes at petrol pumps and for buying air tickets at airports. From 3rd December 2016, old 500 rupee notes, cannot be used for ...

Mistakes You Make In Thirties Which Can Prove Costly

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You are young…just finished your 31st Birthday and getting ready to enjoy life. Yes….youth in the peak of health, must enjoy life. Enjoy yourself, but do so responsibly and not at th...

Financial Tips For You In Your Thirties

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You may be tempted to dump money in your savings bank account, to secure your future. This is not a good idea. Savings bank accounts give you very less returns, compared to investments made in bon... Is The Proud Recipient Of Owler 'HOT in 2016' Winner in Bangalore

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IndianMoney has been recognized as one among 93 businesses, to be honored with ‘2016 HOT in Bangalore’ conferred by Owler. Owler recognizes the top trending Companies in cities all ove...

Measures Announced By Government To Facilitate Various Sections Of Society

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Good News for farmers Farmers can withdraw up to INR 25,000 a week, against crop loans sanctioned and credited to their accounts. Farmers using Kisan credit cards, are subject to the same new l...

How Government Checks Black Money Hidden In Real Estate?

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500 rupee notes and 1000 rupee notes are no longer legal tender in India, as of November 8th, 2016. Does the scrapping of high value notes, check black money hidden in real estate? Yes, this move ...

Are you prepared for a lay-off?

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The dreaded word….layoff. It strikes terror in your heart. Worse….it can happen at any time. You work so hard….everyone in the office likes your work…Your team mates an...

Beware, the income tax department is tracking you

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There is a famous saying by John Maynard Keynes, “The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that carries any reward.” Yes….you work very hard to earn every rupee. ...

Things To Know About UPI

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Times have changed….Days have passed when you would stand in a long line, just to pay your electricity and water bills. Today bills are paid in seconds. You want to send money to family and...

The Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) from NPCI helps you pay bills online

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Mohan is a migrant laborer who works in Mumbai. His family resides in UP (Uttar Pradesh). Mohan’s family members have to walk several kilometers, to pay utility bills. For those who don&rsqu...

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) - A game changer in India

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This is the age of smart. The smartphone is here to stay. Our citizens are grabbing smartphones like never before. Our country will soon have more than 20 crore smartphone users. With a smartphone...

What Should You Do With The Money Got From The 7th Pay Commission?

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You are a Central Government Employee. This is Bonanza Time.  You have received a higher salary in August, than you had received in the month of July. You have also received the arrears for b...

Things To Do In Retirement

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There is no better time than retirement, to catch up on all the good things you have missed in life. Retirement is when “Time is truly yours.” Yes…you have worked hard, saved an...

3 Things You Need To Know On Tax Implications Of Life Insurance Plans

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Why do you avail a life insurance plan? Is it to get tax benefits, or is it to provide for your family, on an untimely demise? Let’s face it….You and most of our citizens, avail life ...

How To Manage Finances With a Salary Hike?

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The month of April is fast approaching.Time of Performance appraisals . Aren’t you eagerly waiting for that salary hike? Getting a salary hike is one thing….Managing that extra money ...

Invest In Equity Like A Hare Or A Tortoise?

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You must have heard this story when you were young “The Hare and the Tortoise”. The hare is much faster than the tortoise. In the end it is the tortoise which wins the race. In the Wor...

Feel Alone While Repaying Loans

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There’s surprising news for you… You might have heard of the oil and gas rich Gulf country, Qatar. We are separated from Qatar by the Arabian Sea. What’s great about Qatar, is t...

Practical Steps For Couples To Manage Finances

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Your big day is here. You have waited so long for it. You are getting married. Marriage is not a bed of roses. You need money to lead a good married life. Marriage is all about sharing and ca...

Why You Fall Prey To Ponzi Schemes?

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Quick money….Doubling returns….Money growing on trees…What can be better? This is the heart of a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi scheme uses your own weakness against you. Greed…...

Why investors lose money in the stock market?

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You want to invest in stocks. You have heard of the great returns you get there. Your friends have got bumper returns by investing in the stock market. You want to get those returns too. You ...

Money Mistakes Made in 30s That Can Cost You Dearly

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You have attained the 30 year milestone. You are now 30 years old. You feel that you have achieved a lot in life. Yes….a lot of money goes on financing your costly lifestyle. But you are...

How Money Can Buy You Happiness?

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You earn a lot, but are always unhappy? You buy a new shirt, but get into a fight with your wife, which kills the joy of the purchase. You have just bought a new smart phone from a retail store...

Learn about the Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme

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There is a famous saying “There's something About Gold That Brings Out the Avarice in Men”. Investing in gold and gold jewelry has been an essential part of Ind...

Filing Income Tax Returns after Deadline

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The income tax department gave you a deadline to file your income tax returns, for the Financial Year 2014-15 by August 31st 2015.You missed filing your ITR by this deadline. No problem…...

India and that dreaded D word

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You must be well familiar with the word inflation. This is the general rise in prices of goods and services in Society. You don’t have to travel far to see and feel its effects. Everybody&rsq...

How to Handle Stock Market Crashes?

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The Buzz words today are China and Stock Market Crash. Just a week ago, the Bse Sensex had crashed by over 1500 points. Concerns over China had led to this crash. The Result&hell...

Why the Stock markets are crashing?

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You woke up to a bright Monday morning on August 24th 2015 and checked your stock portfolio, only to get the shock of your life. The BSE Sensex had fallen by over 1000 points. Yes I said 1000 poin...


The smart way of investing in the stock market

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Investing in the stock market is all about awareness (knowledge) and alertness in spotting opportunity. Top to bottom approach   This approach is all about the Big Picture. The Bir...

How do the changes in income tax slabs and deductions in 2014-15 affect you?

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Income tax slabs for the financial year 2013-14 for an Indian citizen below 60 years of age Annual Income Tax Rate 0- INR 2 Lakhs ...

What is nomination? Why is it necessary?

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What is nomination? If you have a fixed deposit, shares or mutual funds you need to make a nomination where you state who will get the money lying in these accounts on your death. The person you ...

Why must one be careful while investing in the stock market?

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                  There is a famous saying “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”. What does one learn fro...

Myths associated with investing in the stock market

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    Investing in stock markets is all about emotion. There is a famous saying in stock market parlance “Buy on the rumor sell on the news” .Over the years a number of myths h...

How do emotions affect one's decision making in the stock market?

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"Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful” is a famous saying by Warren Buffett. Two very important emotions are emphasized which are greed and fear. How many ...

Are consumer price index linked bonds the way out of the inflation mess?

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One must have heard the famous saying “Law of inflation .whatever goes up will go up some more. One certainly knows what this means. What is there today is there tomorrow. Only the prices have...

How should one invest in the stock markets?

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One of the trickiest things in life is making a decision when to enter and exit the stock market. Investing in the stock markets is all about timing. Yet the timing is never right .Stocks never seem ...

An Investment In Stock Markets. Is It Gambling?

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Does one want Money doubling in a jiffy? Tripling returns in weeks. Then take a leap into the stock market. This is commonly heard when one discusses money matters among friends. At the other end of ...

Case Study: Mr. Damodar, that Smart Phone and that 0% Interest Scheme

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On a lazy Sunday afternoon Mr Damodar an IT programmer aged 35 years visited a top retail store in Bangalore with the intention of purchasing a newly launched version of a smart phone manufactured b...

How Depreciation Of The Rupee Against The Dollar Affects You

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"Money Plays The Greatest Role In Determining The Course Of History". How true this is when compared to the sorry state of affairs in our country. When Will The Rupee Hit A Century Against...

Growing Rich One Step At a Time - We Must Either Find A Way Or Make One

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Invest Invest Invest.....This is a saying which one hears all the time. An investment in stocks is like a rising tide which lifts all boats. When that tide rises your boat better be in it. Isn&r...

How To Make That First Million In A Hurry-Formal Education Will Make You A Living Self Education Will Make You A Fortune

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What is one’s greatest desire in life? Surely it is becoming rich at a young age. Isn’t one fascinated by reading the success stories of great personalities such as Michael Dell and ...

Are annuity plans good for you - the best place to find a helping hand is at the end of your own arm

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One must have heard the famous saying "Life’s Tragedy Is That We Get Old Too Soon And Wise Too Late". One wonders how this saying came into existence. The reason could be somethi...

Infamous Ponzi And Pyramid Schemes - Education Can Be A Costly Affair But So Is Ignorance

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Most of the Ponzi schemes in our country follow the famous saying "Either Write Something Worth Reading Or Do Something Worth Writing". This is a policy strictly followed in the Ponzi ...

How Can You Beat The Bugbear Called Inflation - Hope For The Best But Prepare For The Worst

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  Do you still get nightmares which keep you awake at night? Do you see yourself being trampled by a herd of buffaloes? Yes inflation represents that herd of buffaloes. Inflation has thi...

How Inflation Can Play Havoc With Your Savings - Inflation Is The Crabgrass In Your Savings

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One must have surely heard the famous quote " Inflation Is A Painless Disease with a Cure That Hurts ". One has surely gone to the theatre in the last few weeks. The tickets are priced...

Scope Of Islamic Finance -

By- Research Team

The US Subprime crisis as well as the severe beating taken by reputed investment banks in Europe and the US on Credit Default Swaps and other derivative instruments created shock waves in the ba...

What Is Islamic Banking? Eat And Drink But Waste Not By Extravagance

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Today’s world abounds in banking and financial scandals. The banks of today have redefined the art of money laundering. Some of the biggest banks in the United Kingdom were charged billion...

There is Just One Thing I Cant Figure Out. Its My Income Tax

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One has heard the famous saying " Today It Takes More Brains And Effort To Make Out The Income Tax Form Than It Does To Make The Income ". One surely knows what is planning and the nee...

Deadline To File Your Income Taxes Extended To The 5th Of August 2013

By- Research Team

Stuck with filing your income tax returns due to the heavy rains in your state? You can’t file those income tax returns before the pending deadline of July 31st 2013 due to an unexpected p...

You Live In Taxing Times-A Person Doesn't Know How Much He Has Until He Has To Pay Tax On It

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One must have heard the famous saying " Taxes Are Paid In The Sweat Of Every Man Who Labors ". No matter how old one is, one continues to pay taxes. Taxes are the fruit and sweat of on...

Know Your Income Taxes - The Only True Wisdom Is Knowing That You Know Nothing

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One has surely heard the famous saying " With Age Comes Wisdom " .Experience is a great teacher. More the number of times one files those income tax returns more is one’s underst...

Income Tax Calculations And Deductions 2013 - Know Your Taxes

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Do you jump into a lake if you do not know how to swim? You must be thinking what a stupid question to ask. You must be knowing a number of your friends who say they can handle any financial pro...

Things To Know Before Filing Your Income Tax Returns - Every Advantage Has Its Tax

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  The Big Day rapidly arrives. Yes I am talking of July 31st 2013.Time to file your Income Tax returns. Time to collect your Form 16. Time for you to learn to file those returns. Made a ...

More About The Employee Provident Fund - The Doors To Wisdom Are Never Shut

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You must have heard the famous phrase " When You Realize That You Have Made A Mistake Take Immediate Steps To Correct It ". You must be wondering what does this mean. You may be thinki...

All You Wanted To Know About Form 16-People Who Complain About Taxes Can Be Divided Into Two Classes Men And Women

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You must be knowing of the three main seasons in our country. After summer comes the monsoon and after monsoon comes winter. You must be knowing of another season as July 31st 2013 rapidly appro...

The Stock Market

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I don’t need any help. I would like to go about it alone. Isn't this what you must have heard a thousand times whenever the topic of investing in the share market comes up? .What do yo...

Unit Linked Insurance Plans Or Mutual Funds - You Cant Cross The Sea By Staring At The Water

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You must be knowing that life is full of alternatives and choices. When you visit that mobile store to make your new smart phone purchase the salesman brings you two smart phones strikingly simi...

Why You Need To Watch Your Insurance Agent Like A Hawk - Beware Of The Naked Man Who Offers You His shirt

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You must have heard the famous saying " Haste Makes Waste ". Are you always on the run in life? .You want things done fast and are always on the move. You have a motto which says "...

Microfinance In India - The Path To Heaven Or The Doorstep To Hades?

By- Research Team

You must have heard the famous saying by Dr Mohammed Yunus the pioneer of Microfinance and the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in the Year 2006 for his contribution to the growth and development...

The Chit Fund - Take Care Of Small Things And The Big Things Will Take Care Of Themselves

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Haven’t you seen the Pyramids of Egypt? Have you ever wondered how they were built to such a height? If you look carefully you will see that they were built out of limestone blocks which w...

Leave Travel Allowance In India - A Rupee Saved Is A Rupee Earned

By- Research Team

Oh What A Sigh Of Relief. Finally It Is The Weekend Aren’t these the words you say on every Friday of the week? Now after a tiring six months you take that holiday which you feel is very n...

Are Gifts Taxable In India-The Best Gifts Come From The Heart And Not The Store

By- Research Team

Don’t you remember your childhood days when you received gifts on your birthday and festivals? What joy it brought you .Don’t you remember the Christmas season when you stayed up the w...

How To Save On Tax Using Life Insurance-People Who Live In Glass Houses Must take Insurance

By- Research Team

You must have heard the phrase "Life Is Short Do Not Waste It". This short life is even shorter due to the uncertainties of life .Do you know what would happen to you tomorrow? Certainly N...

Why It Is Very Essential To Teach Your Kids To Make Financial Decisions

By- Research Team

You must have heard of the famous saying by Oscar Wilde “When I Was Young I Thought That Money Was The Most Important Thing In Life, Now That I Am Old I Know It Is”. Doesn’t this...

Agricultural Income Is It Taxable In India-What At First Was Plunder Is Now Tax

By- Research Team

Don’t you feel that everything you earn is taxed ?.Whatever I earn nothing is left behind .Everything goes in taxes. Well there is some good news for you .Not all income you earn is taxed ...

How Can An NRI Invest In Shares In India-He Who Climbs A Ladder Must Start At The Bottom

By- Research Team

You must have seen how the stock markets have moved in the past one year. If  you  compare the value of   the previous year of the BSE Sensex with the current value you would h...

State Bank Of India-A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

By- Research Team

You may have heard the saying “A Good Banker Like Good Tea Can Only Be Appreciated When You Are In Hot Water”. Haven’t you heard the saying “Fire Tests The Purity of Gold A...

Employee Provident Fund-Slow And Steady Wins The Race

By- Research Team

Don’t you aim for stability in any venture you undertake in life? Nobody likes sailing in the stormy seas. Haven’t we all heard the phrase “More The Haste Lesser The Speed &ldquo...

How To Save On Those Shopping Bills-Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

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How many of us are caught up by the good looks of celebrities and the fashion trends they set? Some of the top brands in the world are endorsed by celebrities. Brad Pitt endorses Gucci. David Beck...

Income Tax - 'A Penny Saved Is A Penny Taxed'

By- Research Team

Here we have the famous saying “Everything We Have Is Taxed Including Our Patience”.Oh why do we all have to pay taxes? Isn’t there a way we can save on these Taxes? ,Here w...

Financial Product Purchases-Where All You Need Is A Click Away

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Everything you want is a Click Away; Remember those Pop Ups asking us to purchase an insurance policy online..We Are The Best Financial Products Available Online And We Know How To Serve You Best&hel...

Doing That MBA Course - Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth

By- Research Team

I would like to start this article by asking all students looking to pursue that MBA dream to take note of the famous quote by Steve Jobs "Your Time Is Limited , So Don’t Waste It Liv...

Gambling - A Sure Way Of Getting Nothing For Something

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You must have heard the saying "What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas". Yes I am talking about the legendary city of Casinos and gambling .How we all love to see the American Roulette, ...

Learn About NPS

By- Research Team

You must have heard the famous proverb “Laugh And The World Laughs With You, Cry And You Cry Alone”. What does this proverb mean? .This means that you always need to save for that rain...

The Gold Crash - What Goes Up Must Come Down

By- Research Team

Haven’t you played with bubbles when you were young? You blew them out of a small bottle and these bubbles rose in the air .After flying for some time they burst. Doesn’t this remind you o...

Income Tax Calculations-Taxes Grow Without Rain

By- Research Team

We have all heard the phrase “Nothing is Certain As Death And Taxes”. No matter how old you grow you have to pay tax. There is no age limit for taxation. Here in India we also have a...