Save Yourself From Top Real Estate Scams- Uncovered By

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In today's market, real estate frauds are increasing day by day. Even though customers are well informed, it has become very difficult to identify frauds in real estate. In this blog, we will disc...

What is a smart city?

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A city which has all the basic infrastructure such as 24/7 water and electricity supply, excellent sanitation and solid waste management, a very good public transport system, well connected IT Sys...

Know Your Real Estate - Every Man Is The Architect Of His Own Future

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One has surely heard the famous saying "The Greatest Investment On Earth Is Earth" .You must be wondering what was the rationale behind such a great saying. There is no investment that...

You Own A Piece Of Land-Know Its Status

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You all know the price of land in India particularly in the metro’s .Isn’t it phenomenally high? In India isn’t land encroachment and land grabbing a common phenomenon? .Let us consi...

Should We Go In For Real Estate Or Gold-Rome Was Not Built In A Day

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Here we have the famous saying “Buying real estate is not only the best way, the quickest way, the safest way, but the only way to become wealthy”. We are a nation with a rapidly risin...

Success In Real Estate Starts With Believing Your Worthy Of It

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Real Estate is at the core of almost any business and it is certainly at the core of most people’s wealth .In order to build up your wealth you need to know about real estate. Don’t ...

How to Buy a Flat?

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Own house is one of the biggest dreams of every family and it is one of the largest buy they make in their life. Buying a flat involves huge money and while investing such huge amount one needs ...