Top Myths On Buying Online Life Insurance

By- Research Team

  The rapid growth of the internet in India has placed great importance on online platforms. The online marketplace has transformed the way you shop. The online platform helps in price compari...

Why GST Could Make Your Insurance Plan Costly?

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There is a famous saying by Paul Leroy, “Taxes are simply contributions demanded of citizens as their share of the expenses of government.” Now you got a new tax….GST….Th...

Traditional Endowment Plan Vs Unit Linked Endowment Plan

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You must be knowing the art of comparison. Why do you compare things in life? Isn’t this essentially to aid you in your decision making process? In finance you use the term “Opportunit...

Mis-selling in bancassurance. Should banks bite the bullet?

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One must be wondering at the origin of such a strange word and what it means. The word bancassurance has its origin in France. The word banc is French for bank. The word assurance basically means th...

Home Insurance A Must Have? Home Is The Shelter From Storms

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One Lives in a World Of Tragedy. One clearly remembers the flood that took place in Uttarakhand. The loss of life and property was immense. Earthquakes across the World and in India remind one o...

Why Buy That Online Term Insurance Plan-The Internet Has Become The Town Square For The Global Village Of Tomorrow

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Where does one look for a solution to a problem these days. Chances are "The Internet". Internet has become a source of knowledge like a well whose water never dries up. Ever wondered ...

Why You Need That Health Policy - From The Bitterness Of Disease Man Learns The Sweetness Of Health

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One has surely heard the proverb "Health Is Merely The Slowest Rate One Can Die". So what does this mean? .This basically means that surely life is one of the most cherished possession...

Why A Term Life Insurance Policy Is A Must Have - Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom

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The biggest problem faced in our country is the passive approach followed in managing our finances and our insurance policies. Most of us expect our finances to manage themselves. This results i...

Know Your Health Policy Before You Purchase It-Any Fool Can Know. The Point Is To Understand

By- Research Team

Do you purchase an article from the shop without asking it’s features. What is the first question you ask when you want to buy a new Smartphone?. Isn’t it the price?.You next ask about...

What To Look Out For In That Term Insurance Plan-The Doors Of Wisdom Are Never Shut

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You must have heard the famous quote " Life Is Too Short to Wake up with Regrets ".You must be wondering why I am talking about such a saying. In life you have to choose wisely and sma...

Term Insurance vs Endowment Plan

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Have you ever come across a situation where you have taken a walk along a hilly path until you have reached a fork in the road. You are at the" Crossroads ". You have to make a decisio...

Car Insurance In India - Heaven On Four Wheels

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You must have heard the phrase " The Car You Drive Say's a Lot About You ". You must be knowing that a car is more than just a medium of transport but a symbol of power and prestig...

Motorcycle Insurance In India - Ride Like The Wind

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You must have heard the famous saying" A Four Wheeler Moves Your Body A Two Wheeler Moves Your Soul ". Haven’t you heard of the trailblazers blazing their way across India? The l...

Unit Linked Pension Plans-A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

By- Research Team

You must have heard the famous saying " The Challenge Of Retirement Is How To Spend Time Without Spending Money ". You know the perils of retirement " Plenty Of Time At Hand And N...

Reforms In Unit Linked Insurance Plans And Their Impact - A Reform Is A Correction Of Abuses

By- Research Team

The first question that generally comes to your mind whenever you are subject to abuse is when reforms would come into place that would salvage your situation. Mis selling is a rampant practice ...

Unit Linked Insurance Plan - Too Much Of A Good Thing?

By- Research Team

During your shopping expeditions you must have come across a number of advertisements which say " Buy More For Less ". You may have also heard " Buy Two Get One Free " and &q...

Know Your Health Policy Before You Purchase It - Any Fool Can Know. The Point Is To Understand

By- Research Team

Do you purchase an article from the shop without asking it’s features. What is the first question you ask when you want to buy a new Smartphone?. Isn’t it the price?.You next ask abo...

Health Insurance In India-The First Wealth Is Health

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What is wealth without health? Would you choose a diamond studded wheelchair over a fit and healthy body.No Definitely Not?. A fit body and a fit mind are very necessary to stay competitive in o...

Should You Take A Life Insurance Policy On The Life Of Your Child

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You must have noticed that almost anything is insured today. Hollywood and other celebrities have taken a fancy to insurance products. The film stars perceive their body parts as assets and if t...

Oh That Elusive Holiday-Twenty Years Down The Line You Will Regret Things You Didn't Do Than The Things You Did

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Oh God…I have spent weeks at my desk. Don’t remember when I took a break last. Are these the words you keep constantly repeating? This means it is high time you took that elusive holi...

Insurance Agents - Wolves In Sheep's Clothing?

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  An Opportunity to make a quick buck…An Opportunity never to be missed... Money is to be made….Carpe Diem ‘Seize the Day’ this is the motto of the insurance agents....

Term Life VS Whole Life Insurance-The Eternal Debate

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Here in insurance we have a number of different kinds of life policies. The choices we have are vast which results in confusion while choosing which kind of policy one wants. Here when one is face...

Annuities and Pension Plans

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In an annuity, the insurer agrees to pay the insured a predetermined sum of money periodically. The objective of an annuity is to protect against risk as well as provide money in the form of pension a...